About WSPA

Idea for having an Association for Web Service Providers was identified after meeting like minded people at a common meeting held in 2012. It becomes a regular discussion whenever web service provider’s meets in common meetings. A Whatsapp group was formed in 2017 and We had our first meeting in Chennai in 2018. Most of the attendees agreed to form an association. And thus, Web Service Provider's Association of India was born. It has been registered as an association in 2019. Regd.No.: SRG/Chennai North/104/2019, Dated: April 12, 2019. Initial office bearers elected from the people assembled in the first meeting..

Office Bearers of WSPA

These titles are merely for governing purpose. Every member is equal here.

  • President


    Paradox Technologies Private Limited, Chennai

  • Secretary

    Mr.R.Karthik Kumar

    HostMacro Web Services Private Limited, Chennai

  • Joint Secretary - 1

    Prem Kumar Paramasivam

    Fanatical Technologies Private Limited, Chennai

  • Vice President


    KSMS Soft, Chennai

  • Treasurer


    CRB Innovative Solutions Private Limited, Chennai

  • Joint Secretary - 2


    Apex Info Sys Solutions, Tirupur

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